Men’s Sector

The South African National AIDS Council’s Men’s Sector represents organisations and other bodies that work with men and/or run programmes focusing on men in the area of health and social upliftment.

The sector aims to support initiatives that address the role of men in combating the spread of HIV and AIDS, as well as mitigating the impact of the disease in our communities. We also seek to support all other national initiatives aimed at improving the health and well-being of South Africans.

The Men’s Sector supports priorities of the National Strategic Plan (NSP) for HIV and AIDS, TB & STIs 2012-2016 and will embark on activities aimed at achieving the following:

  • accelerate programmes to empower women, and educate men and women on women’s rights and human rights;
  • support national efforts to strengthen social cohesion in communities and to support the institution of the family;
  • introduce programmes to mitigate the impact of alcohol and substance abuse;
  • develop a comprehensive package that promotes male sexual health and which addresses gender and gender-based violence; and
  • the expansion of existing PMTCT services to include: contraception services and reducing unwanted pregnancies, involving men in maternal and child health programmes and HIV prevention services in uninfected pregnant women.

A variety of activities and campaigns have been supported by the Men’s Sector and operational plan developed in all provinces. The sector adopted the Brothers For Life ( campaign. The campaign has now been in existence since 2008 and is reaching more than 20 million people with mass media messages that promote the prevention of HIV and gender-based violence.

The Men’s Sector is led by:
Rev. Bafana Khumalo (chair-person)

Mr Tshiamo Moela (deputy chairperson)

Rev. Mbulelo Dyasi (co-ordinator)

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