In the Chair

LEBO RAMAFOKO, chair of SANAC’s  Social and Structural Drivers Technical Task Team

SANAC’s newly-formed Social and Structural Drivers Technical Task Team (TTT) is chaired by leading social and behaviour change expert, Lebogang Ramafoko. Ramafoko, who has 19 years of experience in the field, is the chief executive officer (CEO) of the Soul City Institute for Health and Development, which is responsible for the creation of some of the country’s foremost social and behavior change communication programmes. Before becoming CEO at Soul City Ramafoko worked in various capacities in the organisation, and acquired practical skills and experience in the actual development of social and behavior-change tools, including television dramas, print booklets  designed specifically for low-literacy end-users, radio dramas and talk shows.

Lebogang has a passion for working with communities. She believes that they should be empowered with skills to harness their own strength to communicate the complex development issues that they face and to find solutions for their challenges.

Her illustrious career in developing communication programmes for communities resulted in her being awarded a Clinton democracy Fellowship in 2002 for her leadership abilities. Lebogang is known for managing relationships with donors, various tiers of government, the private sector and the NGO community.

Lebogang is a Rhodes/Mandela Fellow and completed a Masters in Public Administration at Harvard University. She also holds a post-graduate diploma in Ethics and a Bachelors Degree in Education from Wits University.

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