AIDS2016: HIV and Human Rights in the LGBTI community in South Africa

At a satellite session held on 18 July at the 21st International AIDS Conference, held in Durban SANAC brought together LGBTI stakeholders and government departments to address the HIV and human rights needs of the LGBTI community.
“South Africa has neglected these key populations for two decades under the guise of thinking that we have a heterosexual disease and that there aren’t these special needs in key populations, so we are coming quite late to the party,” said SANAC CEO Dr. Fareed Abdullah.
Nonhlanhla Mkhize, of the Sanac LGBTI sector, said although South Africa had made progress in recognising the rights of the community, more work still needed to be done, particularly with health-care providers.

“The key is ensuring that those who provide services are sensitised and educated about the diversity of humanity...

When we walk through the doors of health-care facilities, we expect respect and to be treated with dignity like everyone else." Mkhize added.

Deputy Justice and Constitutional Development Minister, John Jeffery, outlined the various legislation protecting the rights of LGBTI based on the equality clause of the constitution.
The session also unpacked the draft  South African National LGBTI HIV Framework - an ambition plan to address all aspects of the LGBTI communities needs and rights including peer education, condoms and lube, PrEP and psychocial support

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