RFQ- Appointment of the Financial Analyst to the Oversight Committee and to PRs in preparation for the OIG visit

RFQ01/02/2017- Appointment of the Financial Analyst to the Oversight Committee and to PRs in preparation for the OIG visit

SANAC Trust wishes to invite prospectie bidders for the above mentioned project as follows:


Scope of Work:

 SANAC secretariat fulfills the function of the secretariat of the Global Fund Country Co-ordinating Mechanism. The Incumbent will work with the Oversight Committee   and the CCM Secretariat to analyze the PRs financial performance and assist the PRs in preparing for the OIG visit.

The incumbent will be required to do the following:

Role in preparation for the OIG Visit

  • Be pivotal in assisting PRs in preparing for the OIG Visit;
  • Offer one on one assistance to all 8 PRs in order to be fully prepared for the OIG Visit which will happen between 03 February 2017 & 21 March 2017;
  • Work closely with the PRs in order to be fully satisfied with the OIG preparations;
  • Work closely with the CCM Secretariat to ensure the various gaps in OIG preparations are addressed.

Oversight Committee Roles:

  • Conduct thorough PR performance analysis for the CCM Oversight Committee;
  • Put together presentations to the Oversight Committee and if necessary the CCM clearly showing financial vs programmatic performance;
  • Offer Strategic recommendations to the Oversight and to highlight clearly on the areas of concern that the oversight committee should focus on during the Oversight meeting;
  • Design tools that clearly show PR quarterly burn rates, cumulative burn rates, programme burn rates and the overall grant burn rates;
  • Design tools that highlight and store institutional memory of grant performance;
  • Discuss the concerns of PR performance with the CCM Oversight Committee;
  • Understand PR programmes and the rationale of the expenditures;
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the PR performance.



  • The incumbent will be needed to work with the PRs consistently and preferably every day from 03 February 2017 in preparation of the OIG Visit for approximately 30 working days;
  • The incumbent will also have to focus on preparing for the Oversight Committee Meetings which happen quarterly, with the first meeting happening at the end of February 2017. Once the tools are designed the incumbent will have to dedicate approximately 5-7 days per quarter, with some days dedicated to data analysis, and preparing documents for the Oversight and 2 days of sitting in the oversight committee meetings. The timelines will be clearly explained and discussed with the incumbent.


Lead consultant:


  • Appropriate postgraduate degree or appropriate level of experience with previous successes with similar projects.
  • Programme or Financial  Management  qualification


  • At least 5 years’ experience with Global Fund grants will be an added advantage.
  • At least 5 years’ experience in programme or financial management at a senior level.
  • Past experience in working with financial and programmatic data
  • Past experience in working with the SANAC secretariat would be an added advantage.


  • Excellent English (written and oral) fluency required.
  • Advanced excel and computer skills as a pre-requisite
  • Excellent high-level financial management skills.
  • Good understanding of programmes and financial understanding
  • Good understanding of how donors operate
  • Good knowledge and understanding of the current SA Global Fund grant
  • Good knowledge of HIV and TB programmes in South Africa.
  • High degree of organizational skills, initiative and exceptional problem-solving abilities needed.
  • Ability to work in a deadline-oriented environment and manage multiple tasks efficiently.
  • Valid Code B Drivers’ license and ability and availability to travel to meet implementers.


Support to the lead consultant:

It is expected that the lead consultant would need to work with a team with the following skills:

  • The lead consultant will design the required data tools
  • Finance expert who has strong experience on the operational side of GF grant implementation
  • Programme expert who will understand and be able to assess financial performance vs programme performance;
  • This small team will be required to assist all 8 PRs to prepare for the OIG visit.

Place of work:

The work can be anywhere but will include visits to the PRs in KZN, Western Cape and in Gauteng. The incumbent will be required to sit in for Oversight committee Meetings once every quarter which alternate between Western Cape and Gauteng. The costs of travel (accommodation, airfare) will be covered by SANAC. The consultant will report to the Executive Manager: Donor Co-ordination.

Closing Date

The deadline for applications is Tuesday 31 January 2017 @ 11:00.

Please sent an email to beullah@sanac.org.za to request the RFQ document before the closing date & time





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