Appointment of Lead Writer/s for the Provincial Implementation Plan for HIV, TB and STIs- North West

Appointment of Lead Writer for the Bokone Bophirima RHR Provincial Implementation Plan for HIV, TB and STIs- North West (2017 to 2022)


The Bokone Bophirima RHR Provincial Implementation Plan on HIV, STIs and TB (PIP) is a strategic guide for the provincial response to HIV, STIs and TB in the North West.  It is aligned to the National Strategic Plan on HIV, STIs and TB. This PIP is developed for 5 year period covering 1 April 2017 to 31 March 2022.

Role of the Lead writer

The role of the lead writer is to work closely with the technical writing team, to participate in the provincial consultation (as far as possible) and to participate in working groups to fully understand the direction and intention of consultations where evidence will be reviewed and priorities identified within what the evidence shows. This will enable the lead writer to write the whole PIP document based on the input from the consultations, the technical writing team who will be capturing the evidence and the prioritisation from consultations and the many different stakeholders that will be tasked with providing input.


The main deliverable is a timeously completed high quality Provincial Implementation Plan for HIV, TB and STIs (2017 to 2022) with all chapters as decided at the provincial summit and by the Steering Committee and further developed by the technical writing team after further consultation. The PIP has to be written in excellent English, with references as footnotes, all annexes labelled appropriately, must include an index, abbreviations list, executive summary and all relevant chapters (epi-analysis, thematic areas, Monitoring and Evaluation framework and plan, costing and finance section. The M&E Framework will be guided by the M&E Team and be based on the national framework and the costing will be based on the national costing plan and separate assistance will be provided for this.

This will include working with many stakeholders, attending and preparing for consultations, assisting with the development of presentations and communication pieces on progress, ongoing development and refinement of the PIP document.

Qualifications and experience

  • Post graduate degree in public health, development studies, social sciences or other relevant field. Preferably a PhD in an area relevant to HIV and TB.

closing date 28 February 2017

you can drop me an email at to request the document or please apply by completing the link below:

RFQ for the appointment of Lead Writer PIP North-West

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