Appointment for a Technical Assistance who will provide assistance to NDOH to be able to optimize their TB programme

Appointment for a Technical Assistance who will provide assistance to NDOH to be able to optimize their TB programme.



The Global Fund Country Co-ordinating Mechanism (GF CCM) has to provide oversight to Global Fund (GF) grant implementation to ensure that the maximum funds are accessed, that expenditure is according to the work plan and that funds are used effectively and efficiently. As part of the latest GF renewal grant for SA, NDOH has received funds for TB programmes as the only Principal Recipient.

The incumbent will assist in optimizing the quality of the TB module of the Global Fund grant. This entails evaluating the implementation of the programme including the quality of services rendered, making recommendations for improvement and then working with stakeholders to address the challenges identified.

Scope of Work:

Optimizing  quality of the TB programme

It includes working with the NDOH closely in order to devise ways to properly catch up on their TB performance and to work with the PR, SR and SSRs to ensure that targets and quality programmes are prioritized. The incumbent will work closely with NDOH to ensure that they catch up with their TB programme performance and expenditure. Further, the incumbent will assist NDOH to accurately monitor their indicators and improve their performance.


The consultancy also includes ensuring that the TB work plan actions have happened timeously and where this has not been possible, to develop a catch up plan that is reasonable. Finally it includes making recommendations to the GF CCM Oversight Committee and GF CCM secretariat on what support can be provided to the PR, SR and SSRs to speed up implementation as well as generic recommendations on the effectiveness and efficiency of the interventions being rolled out.


Optimizing programme quality is one of the main outcomes of this consultancy. The incumbent should work on bringing out the quality element of the TB programme. In essence the impact of the Global Fund TB programme has to be brought out thoroughly in this consultancy.  Thus the incumbent will help the TB programme with showing impact and working with the TB team to highlight the quality element.


  • Appropriate medical qualification e.g. MBChB
  • Appropriate post graduate qualification will be an added advantage
  • Programme Management qualification will be an added advantage


Place of work:

The work will be delivered mostly in Gauteng at the NDOH offices but will include visits to sites and SSRs around the country, as necessary. The costs of travel (accommodation, airfare) will be covered by SANAC. The consultant will report to the Executive Manager: Donor Co-ordination.

Special Note:

The consultant cannot be presently employed by an existing SR or SSR of the GF funded TB programmes.

Application Deadlines:

Please submit your applications by  Monday 6 March by 11:00, please dowbload the bid document on below link:

RFQ for PR Capacity Building providing a TB Consultant to NDOH

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