Appointment of Lead Writer/s for the Provincial Implementation Plan for HIV, TB and STIs- Limpopo (2017 to 2022)

Appointment of Lead Writer/s for the Provincial Implementation Plan for HIV, TB and STIs- Limpopo (2017 to 2022)

The purpose of the assignment is to develop the multi-sectoral Provincial Implementation Plan (PIP) on HIV, STI and TB for the period 2017-2022.
In order to achieve this, the service provider will be required to
• Analyse the implementation of the provincial HAST response reports, PSP annual report and departmental annual reports and other literature and research
• Analyse and consolidate key goals and objectives, strategies, result and implementation framework for the PIP using the draft NSP 2017- 2022 framework document.
• Facilitate thematic working group sessions and report writing for each goal
• Develop an introductory chapter and chapters for each PIP goal area with the expected results, key strategies, lead partner and collaborating partners using an agreed upon outline.
• Provide guidelines for development of multi-sectoral district operational plans.
Review and incorporate comments from the various stakeholders

Scope of assignment
The consultant will collaborate with the responsible steering committee in undertaking the following tasks:
• Hold technical meetings with multi-sector thematic working groups to develop content of the new PIP.
• Conduct literature review relevant to the development of the PIP, this will include international, national, provincial and district literature that will assist in the development of the plan to reflect new thinking on the response.
• Analyse provincial and district data to identify hotspots for each of the diseases (HIV, TB and STIs) for improved focus for impact


Reporting Requirements
The service provider will report to the Provincial Council on AIDS (PCA) Head of Secretariat (HoS) and will work in conjunction with a Steering committee appointed by the Secretariat – towards ensuring a quality deliverable. Reporting time-lines will be developed and agreed upon by the service provider and the director of AIDS Council directorate. The key milestones for the work-plan are as follows:

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RFQ for the appointment of Lead Writer PIP Limpopo

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