The SANAC Civil Society Forum is pleased that after an intensive, engaged and fair process, the South African National AIDS Trust (SANAT) has appointed Dr. Sandile Buthelezi as the CEO of SANAC. We fully support Dr. Buthelezi’s appointment and we pledge to work with him to ensure that the goals and objectives of the National Strategic Plan are realized.

Dr. Buthelezi is a consummate professional who has extensive experience in the field of health with emphasis on HIV and TB response. His track record at the KZN Department of Health, where he pioneered and led the Sukuma Sakhe model is unparalleled and unmatched. We are satisfied that through his involvement in ICAP, a global health consultancy linked to Columbia University, he has demonstrated great African leadership on the tasks he was assigned.

Not only is Dr. Buthelezi a medical professional, he is an activist who understands that to win the war against HIV and TB, the voices of communities matter the most.

Having served on a number of boards, Dr. Buthelezi brings with him insights that will ensure that the epoch of having strong governance will be navigated in a manner that will ensure that SANAC is accountable, properly governed and effectively managed.

Our belief is that the CEO of SANAC is the glue that binds all role players together to ensure a cohesive SANAC that coordinates, monitor, drives and advises the mandate of government supported by an active, engaged and critical civil society, labour and business in the HIV, TB and STIs response. We congratulate Dr. Buthelezi on his successful appointment and we will also not be afraid to critique him when he falters.

The foundation that has been laid by those who came before him needs to be repaired so that when we build the walls and put a roof that will complete the house that is SANAC, this house should be strong enough to withstand the heavy storms that are still coming. We call on the board of SANAC, working together with Dr. Buthelezi to provide sufficient support and strategic guidance that takes in consideration the constituent stakeholders of SANAC in the quest of implementing the object of the Trust and decisions taken.

Our advice to Dr. Buthelezi is simple – Serve all stakeholders of SANAC without fear of favor and through this way you will succeed. It is imperative to revitalize SANAC to where it needs to be. Our battles are the HIV, TB, STI epidemics, the social and structural injustices the epidemic maintains, and the quest to have good governance that is accountable and that puts communities first.

This is your time to lead, lead us all well. You can count on us that together with you, our actions to win against HIV, TB and STIs will be a war we will win as a collective.


For media enquiries, please contact:

SANAC Secretariat: Kanya Ndaki 0832986100

SANAC Civil Society Forum: Denise Zambezi on 012 430 3272

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