SANAC Civil Society Forum Calls for Accountability on AIDS Funding

On the 5th April 2018, South African National AIDS Council (SANAC) Civil Society Forum (CSF) Sectors members had a protest sit in disrupting the Country Coordinating Mechanism (CCM) meeting hosted at Protea Hotel O R Tambo. SANAC CSF has over the years called for accountability for HIV and TB funding. Non-Governmental and local community groups do not have access to adequate resources to implement quality services and to help reduce new HIV, TB and STIs infections. Over the years the CCM has preceded over Primary Recipients that seems to be granting each other dismissing the purpose of the funds as dedicated to communities. Civil Society is concerned that CCM and the Resource Mobilisation Committee failed to hold the oversights committees to account, and to ensure that communities are recipients of these resources.

SANAC CSF therefore recognise and appreciates the commitment by the Governments across the world that continue to commit resources to Global Fund to help reach the 2030 agenda set by UNAIDS in our countries. Experience in South Africa has taught us that funding for HIV and TB is highly racialised with funds going mainly to white owned/ led organisations and is systematically maintained by funding streams that include PEPFAR, Global Fund, Domestic Resources. Funding is also skewed towards expert organisations rather than community based organisations. The above 2 issues bring to the fore an apartheid modus operandi that deepens inequalities of the past political economy of development aid in the HIV and TB space.

SANAC CSF also notes that in 2011 and 2016, the Office of the Inspector General (OIG) of the Global Fund (GF) investigated the operations of the County Coordinating Mechanism (CCM) in South Africa, and such reports indicated poor funding governance and delivery of programmes.

1. Parliament and National Treasury to urgently institute an inquiry into funding of HIV & TB programmes, including other main funding streams: (1) the Global Fund, (2) PEPFAR and (3) the South African government.
2. Country Coordinating Mechanism to urgent discontinue the process of using Primary Recipients as conduits for GF resources and for funding to go directly to community-based organisation for implementation.
3. CCM to ensure urgently that USD 40 million (equivalent to R240 million) unspent in this current Global Fund cycle cannot be allocated to the same PR’s that failed to utilise the resources for communities.
4. SANAC Trust to take up its role as the oversight accountable governance as the legal entity of the Council with fiduciary responsibility. The TRUST is too silent on the matters of the Council.
5. SANAC Trust and Plenary to develop new implementing arrangements that ensure a transformed CCM and SANAC Committees that meaningfully integrates and execute the community voices.

The SANAC CSF together with its Sector Leaders will engage on these matters with the new Deputy President of the Republic of South Africa H.E D D Mabuza in his capacity as SANAC Chairperson.  As SANAC Civil Society Forum, we call on accountability and return on investment of resources on HIV, TB and STI’s allocated in countries. We want an end on Mafia within the HIV response, We want an end of the epidemic led by communities affected, We want accountable governance of spending of these resources.


For more information contact:
Denise Zambezi on 072 151 2971 (Liaison)

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