The development of an excel database system for national wellness campaign


SANAC Trust wishes to invite interested service providers for the development of an excel database system for national wellness campaign.

Purpose of the Assignment:

The main purpose of this consultancy is to create a multisectoral inclusive and efficient database system for collecting HIV, TB, STIs and NCDs data to ensure the monitoring of the performance of the national wellness campaign, using an Excel spreadsheet. This will also include number of populations reached and will record demand creation activities

The solutions will be Interoperable and will enable users to blend data from DHIS2 and other Data sources, including systems from the private sector (SABCOHA) and all SANAC Stakeholders.

Assignment Tasks:

This assignment is to create an excel database system based on the concepts and features of the national wellness campaign data in order to create dashboard with key indicators. The expected specific streamlined deliverables are to:

  • Provide a detailed requirements analysis
  • Clean and convert the historical data for HIV, TB, and STIs in the database
  • Produce a user manual structured to enhance the user experience
  • Train all relevant SANAC staff and Sectors/Stakeholders participating in the campaign
  • Create a Dashboard with agreed indicators for HIV, TB, and STIs including NCDs and demand generation for various users
  • Develop a manageable and sustainable data integration approach that can accommodate linkages with other information systems and data sets added on an ad-hoc basis
  • Build a sustainable excel database solution beyond the Health and Wellness Campaign
  • Develop extensive knowledge and strong data management skills
  • Develop a database with built in quality assurance/improvement checks
  • Submit a Project completion report


  • Understanding/experience of the consultant in processing related data (for both HIV, TB, and STIs including NCDs and the NSP/Provincial Implementation Plans (PIP).

For enquiries please contact SANAC Procurement Unit at and for technical enquiries contact

The closing date for the application is 19 July 2018 at 12:00pm.

NB: Please indicate your ability, availability and daily rate to undertake the terms of reference above (including travel and daily subsistence allowance, if applicable).  Applications submitted without a daily rate will not be considered.

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Download RFQ Document

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