Call For Applications to Serve as Principal Recipients of SA’s HIV & TB Request for Funding to the Global Fund

The South Africa Global Fund Country Coordinating Mechanism (GF CCM) is preparing to submit a request for funding (RFF) to the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, TB and Malaria (GF) covering the period from 1 April 2019 to 31 March 2022. The GF CCM has determined that it will need six (6) Principal Recipients (PRs) to implement this grant and has ring-fenced three PR spots for the National Department of Health (NDOH), a civil society organisation (CSO) to focus on advocacy with key population networks and a private sector body to bring co-investment and drive alignment to the National Strategic Plan for HIV, TB and STIs (NSP) hence improving efficiency and effectiveness of investment of the private sector for the benefit of employees and their communities.

Now the GF CCM calls for applications from civil society organisations that wish to serve as a PR for the HIV and TB grant, focusing on advocacy with key population networks. The GF CCM has therefore issued the following call for applications to nominate one PR:

  • Bid CCM/PR/2018/03 – To nominate one PR that will manage the implementation of the element of the GF grant that will focus on advocacy with key population networks by sub-recipients across the country.

The terms of reference, other reference materials and the application forms can be downloaded from the links below:

              1. Principal Recipient Selection Manual
              2. Bid Document
              3. Application Form
              4. Affidavit 1 (Below R10 million)
              5. Affidavit 2
              6. Presentation done at briefing
              7. Questions & Answers from the Briefing Session 07-08-2018
  • Applicants are advised to assess their eligibility against the pre-qualification criteria before submitting their applications.There will be a compulsory briefing session on 7 August 2018 10h00 at: The SANAC offices 2nd Floor, Block E, Hatfield Gardens, 333 Grosvenor Street, Hatfield, Pretoria, 0001.Applications can be deposited in the tender box located at:The SANAC offices on 2nd Floor, Block E, Hatfield Gardens, 333 Grosvenor Street, Hatfield, Pretoria, 0001. All applications must be clearly marked with the bid number.


    No late submissions will be accepted.



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