SANAC seeks to appoint a media agency for a short term period to facilitate media buying services for a 2-week radio campaign. The media agency should also advise on the best, cost-effective media platforms worth considering in order to deliver maximum exposure for the SANAC campaign/s for the duration of the contract.

Scope of Work:

  • Provide media buying/placement services which includes, but is not limited to, ensuring that the material produced is submitted to media houses on time or is available at the relevant contact points as required within defined turn-around times (turn-around times to be agreed upon between the appointed supplier and the SANAC at contract stage);
  • Script development and editing as guided by SANAC, including schedules for the agreed campaign/s and activities;
  • Adhere to the SANAC’s corporate identity standards and ensure the optimal positioning and image of SANAC;
  • Purchase media space and place adverts on behalf of SANAC – the successful bidder should have internal capacity to perform media buying and not outsource the function;
  • Negotiate preferential prices and placement of adverts with media houses and indicate the percentage discount that can be offered to SANAC;
  • Work under pressure and adhere to tight deadlines and short turnaround times with multiple requests
  • Provide a closeout report at the end of the project in terms of advertising spend, number of adverts placed, media used and campaigns delivered (further details of the report will be communicated to the successful bidder);
  • Ensure that the adverts appear online after placement;
  • Provide proof that approved adverts have been flighted i.e. the audio of the radio adverts within one week of placement of the adverts;
  • Provide all electronic versions (in the specified format) of all approved SANAC adverts (multimedia) to SANAC for upload to SANAC’s website within one day of the advert/advertising campaign being approved.

Target Audience:

  • Target media platforms that cater for popular language groupings (English, Nguni, Sotho)
  • Young women & girls
  •  Men
  •  People living with HIV (PLHIV)
  • Ordinary south Africans

Estimate of the amount of work involved

  • 30 second live reads for 2 weeks between 6am and 6pm placed in the national radio station which include 1 English, 1 Nguni, 1 Sotho as they are widely spoken within the largest reach in the media and has over 90% reach of the target audience
  • One (1) Radio interview slot in the chosen stations per week.

Interested bidders must complete the bid document and submit proposal before the closing date and time 19 November 2018 @ 11:00 am and address the bid document to the Procurement Officer:

Submission By hand delivery to SANAC Trust office or Email to beullah@sanac.org.za or call 0127481009

for technical inquries email Kanya Ndaki – Communications Manager : kanya@sanac.org.za or Nelson Dlamini- Communications Officer : Nelson @sanac.org.za

Download TENDER Document

Download TOR Document

Download Supplier Leaflet

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