Notice to bidders: Internal Audit & External Audit Tender

SANAC Trust wishes to clarify the following regarding the specification for Internal Audit and External
Audit Tenders advertised on the SANAC Trust Website.

The bidders should take note of the following information when compilint their bid documents:

IIA regulatory board

IRBA is the regulatory board for external auditors
IIA is the regulatory board for internal auditors.
It appears that there was an error in the Internal Audit bid specification as the pre-evaluation requirement should have indicated that the partners are affiliated with IIA. This was indicated in the specifications under the “Quality assurance review of the work” section.

This pre-evaluation criteria must be aligned to the rest of the specification document.

Number of partners

Where possible SANAC supports the development of smaller entities.
For the services of internal and external audit, SANAC requires sufficient skill set and ability to perform various audits in an objective manner. SANAC takes into account the requirements set by its funders relating to the audit environment. The successful bidder would be required to conduct multiple audits for various section with different audit teams lead by different audit partners. Bidders are welcome to enter into a joint venture with other audit firms in order to meet the bid requirements.

for inquries the above information should please be direct to the procurement officail

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