FAIR PLAY 4 SOUTH AFRICA: Health care for all through NHI

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5 September 2019 


To: All News Editors/ Health Reporters

FAIR PLAY 4 SOUTH AFRICA: Health care for all through NHI

National Health Insurance (NHI) is a socially just approach to deliver universal health care for all South Africans. Support it and join us as SANAC Civil Society Forum in this war. We all deserve quality health care. The NHI is in line with Section 27 of the South African Constitution.

On the 28 – 30 August 2019, the SANAC Civil Society Forum in its Lekgotla, declared as follows regarding the STRENGTHENING OF THE HEALTH SYSTEM and support for the NHI:

  • AFFIRMING our solidarity with the people of South Africa towards their right to Health, we fully affirm our support to be advocates for universal health coverage and the realization of the National Health Insurance as a choice for South Africa in terms of universal health coverage. The solidarity will be through active engagement of the communities at local levels through dialogues, workshops and door-to-door by the CSF leaders at all levels.
  • FURTHER AFFIRMING our support, involvement and implementation of the Presidential Health Compact as a platform for fixing the health system through a 360 degrees approach through addressing the social, economic and environmental determinants of health as well as other realities and challenges people face while seeking health and wellness. We must seek to understand the opportunities and risks country is journeying towards universal health coverage and this Presidential Health Charter is bold, time bound and measurable for the achievement course forward to create the change we seek in delivering better health outcomes. The Presidential Health Charter must be implemented at all levels of SANAC CSF.

When the National Health Insurance is implemented, as a tax payer you will benefit and be proud to be a South African who just not only advocate for social solidarity, you will be practicing it. The legacy of Nelson Mandela is about making South Africa work for all South Africans, and the NHI is about this.

Social solidarity is about the rich supporting the poor. The young taking care of the old. The healthy making way for those who are weak.

Social solidarity is about Ubuntu and South Africa is a place of Ubuntu.

As civil society we appeal to Parliament and all socially just political parties to support and ultimately process the NHI Bill into an Act of Parliament. We view any process to satisfy private sector lobbyists or any lobbyist whose purpose is to delay and frustrate the NHI as a declaration of war and a direct call to return to apartheid. No right thinking South African yearn to go back to that dark place called apartheid declared by the United Nations as a crime against humanity.

No right thinking, progressive and patriotic medical practitioner will leave South Africa just because the NHI is being implemented. We know that medical professionals are taught to save lives, and at times they sacrifice their own lives to humanity. Those medical practitioners who stand in solidarity with the remaining remnants who yearn for the return of apartheid are not worthy to be called South Africans.

We call on all South Africans, irrespective of race, religion, economic status to raise their hands and join the Civil Society Forum through our FAIR PLAY 4 SOUTH AFRICA: Health care for all through NHI campaign. Your voice will save lives and ensure we all build a better country that is glued by the blood of men and women of all ages who died for the freedom we enjoy today. Your support is a demonstration of social solidarity.

Issued by SANAC Civil Society Forum.

For more information, contact:
Mabalane Mfundisi
Convener: Health System Strengthening Task Team
SANAC Civil Society Forum
073 481 3939