Call for Consultants to apply for various assignments

Nov 23, 2021 | News

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The SANAC CSF are seeking adequately qualified consultants to assist with 3 assignments that seek to build the organisational capacity of the CSF Secretariat and contribute to the strengthening of its Community in Partnership Programme. The 3 consultancies are for the development of (TOR hyperlinked):

  1. Training Manual                                             Proposals to be submitted by 26 November 2021
  2. CSF Membership Toolkit                              Proposals to be submitted by 29 November 2021
  3. Organisational Policy Documents             Proposals to be submitted by 02 December 2021

Further information on each of the assignments are found below:

  1. Training Manual

The SANAC Secretariat invites proposals for the development of a human rights training of trainers manual with a particular emphasis on sexual and reproductive justice.  Content finalisation will follow a participatory approach whereby the successful consultant will facilitate a four-day training with the programme implementors for finalisation of the training materials. The aims of the training programme are to a) build knowledge and monitoring skills for human rights and sexual and reproductive justice among community mobilisers; b) teach facilitation skills for community dialogues on human rights;  c) provide practical tools for human rights and feminist advocacy campaigning c) equip participants with gender-sensitive approaches inclusive of key and vulnerable population and d) educate implementors on tools to monitor the impact of the actions.

2. Membership Toolkit

The SANAC Civil Society Forum (CSF) are seeking proposals from individuals/organisations for the development of a membership toolkit. The successful bidder will use a combination of existing CSF guiding documents (e.g. terms of reference, strategy, project reports), key informant interviews and focus group discussions in order to develop a toolkit that is easy to use and relevant at all the different levels where the CSF operates.

The membership toolkit  serves to :

  • Increase national visibility and recognition of the South African National AIDS Council & the CSF
  • Expand on the membership base for all CSF sectors
  • Instil a common understanding of what membership of the CSF means with a particular emphasis on practical tools for improving provincial and district coordination to drive national action
  • Translate and simplify the existing CSF Terms of Reference and plug in the gaps
  • Include Community engagement model on how to consult on the South African National Strategic Plan on HIV&AIDS and STIs&TB (NSP), related policy documents and sensitisation of civil society sectors at all levels on SANAC’s 10-Point catch-up plan (linked to the NSP).

3. Organisational Policy Documents

The SANAC Civil Society Forum (CSF) are seeking proposals from suitably qualified Organisational development specialist individuals/organisations for the development of policy and related organisational documents for the CSF  Secretariat. The consultancy should ultimately result in a set of organisational documents that augments the coordination function of the CSF Secretariat that is embedded in an accountability framework with a view to have it  cascaded from national to provincial, district and local level CSF Secretariat coordination structures in the future. The policy development should  cover the following domains:

  • Governance and Strategic Planning
  • Organisational  Management and Human Resources
  • Financial Planning and Management
  • Grants Management
  • Project Planning and Design
  • Technical Capacity