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The NSP 2023-2028 highlights the bold strategic objectives that aim to reduce barriers to accessing health and social services. It builds on lessons from the previous NSP and promotes a new and urgent focus to reduce inequalities for all people living with HIV, TB and STIs who are not benefitting from treatment and care services.

The inclusion of mental health services and social support is based on the strong association between HIV, TB, STIs, sexual and gender-based violence (SGBV), human rights violations, inequalities, and mental health.  Viral hepatitis has also been included in this NSP as a neglected infection of high prevalence linked to HIV and STIs.

NSP Vision, Mission, and Principles


South Africa free from the burden of HIV, TB and STIs.


South Africa on track to eliminate HIV, TB and STIs as public health threats by 2030

Guiding principles

Several key principles guide the development and implementation of this NSP.

  • The objectives and interventions in this NSP have been designed to place people and communities at the centre, providing people-centred health and social services.
  • Universal health coverage (UHC) and comprehensive responses that integrate prevention, treatment, care, and support ensure that no one is left behind.
  • A response that is inclusive and participatory.
  • A substantial proportion of measurable community led, and community-based interventions driven by empowered communities, including key and other priority populations.
  • A multi-sectoral approach in addressing inequalities that drive the epidemics.
  • A commitment to protecting and promoting human rights and gender equality.
  • Evidence-based innovation in the processes and tools
  • to reduce HIV, TB and STIs.
National Strategic Plan for HIV, TB, and STIs Goals

This comprehensive strategy that aims to place the country on track to eliminate HIV, TB, and STIs as public health threats by 2030 has been organized into four interlinked goals and 28 objectives.

The Four Strategic Goals are: