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Apr 5, 2024 | Vacancies Archive

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The South African National Aids Council (SANAC) leads South Africa’s response to the National HIV and AIDS, TB & STIs epidemics. SANAC is building a dynamic team that can facilitate its effective leadership of the national response.

Name of Position: Ethics Officer

Reporting to: CCM Secretariat: Global Fund Manager

Location: SANAC Head Office, Pretoria

Advert Date: 05 April 2024

Purpose of the job

The CCM Ethics Officer acts as the ethics function of the CCM Secretariat and reports to both the CCM Executive Secretary and the CCM leadership. The CCM Ethics Officer works with the existing CCM Ethics Committee or CCM Ethics Focal Point (depending on which one the CCM has in place). The CCM Ethics Officer is part of the CCM Secretariat and therefore cannot be a CCM member. For this role, the CCM Ethics Officer will be receiving guidance and support from the Ethics Office of the Global Fund.

The role of the CCM Ethics Officer is to support the Operations function of the CCM which includes ensuring ethical leadership and conduct and to support the CCM in its goal to coordinate national disease programs at the country level, in support of ending the epidemics and achieving Sustainable Development Goal 3;  to contribute to the strategic functioning of a CCM by promoting ethical conduct and decision-making in all CCM activities; to lead the ongoing enforcement of the Code of Ethical Conduct (focusing on conflict of interest management, ethical decision-making and behaviors) to support the Global Fund’s ethical values; and to support the CCM in its shared responsibility for preventing and responding to sexual exploitation, abuse and harassment and related abuse of power in the context of Global Fund programs.

Key Responsibilities:

Key areas of responsibilities 

Objective 1 related to Values and Principles driven actions & behaviors:

  • Monitoring CCM activities and deliberations to ensure the respect of the Values and Principles included in the CCM Code of Conduct;
  • Ensuring ethics considerations are embedded in decision-making processes;
  • Providing advice, ongoing guidance and support to all CCM members, CCM Leadership, Executive Committee and CCM Secretariat;
  • Ensuring all members are trained and aware of their role and responsibilities with training sessions and regular communications;
  • Tracking the completion of the CCM Code of Conduct e-learning modules by all CCM members;
  • Acting as custodian and mediator of ethical and governance matters to protect the integrity of the CCM as a whole, and resolving issues as they arise.

Objective 2 related to Conflict of Interest (CoI) management:

  • Ensuring all members have updated CoI Declarations on record;
  • Pre-screening meetings agendas against CoI declarations; identifying perceived, potential or actual CoI and informing the CCM Chair;
  • Supporting the CCM Chair with managing and mitigating identified CoI before, during and after meetings.
  • Ensuring the appropriate documentation including CoI declarations, meeting minutes and the management of these documents.

Objective 3 related to Policies & Procedures:

  • Ensuring the adoption and implementation of the Code of Conduct by the CCM as a body, by all CCM members and for new members going forward, and documenting the adoption;
  • Ensuring existing governance documents are periodically reviewed and revised as needed and endorsed by the CCM (by-laws, CoI procedures and declaration forms) and that they reflect the CCM Code of Conduct.

Objective 4 related to Accountability in case of alleged or reported breaches:

  • Ensuring CCM Code of Conduct breaches are appropriately and timely reported, addressed and documented;
  • Promoting and supporting compliance with the Whistle-blowing Policy (Duty to Speak Out);
  • Supporting the response to potential ethical misconduct, including advising on investigations;
  • Initiating or supporting actions taken to prevent, manage and sanction CCM Code of Conduct breaches.

Objective 5 related to PSEAH:

  • Supporting the CCM in its shared responsibility for preventing and responding to SEAH, child protection, and related abuse of power in the context of Global Fund programs;
  • Supporting fund recipients in the execution of their PSEAH obligations and overseeing their ongoing adherence to the PSEAH requirements and expectations in the Code of Conduct for Recipients;
  • Developing and managing an in-country awareness campaign related to PSEAH, with the support of the Global Fund Ethics Office;
  • Supporting the integration of PSEAH interventions during Country Dialogue and Grant Making, where appropriate;
  • Support the Ethics Committee of the CCM with overseeing the PR selection process to ensure declarations of COI, confidentiality and addressing of any elements of unfairness in the process
  • Serving as the in-country point of contact for the Global Fund on matters of PSEAH and coordinating the PSEAH Focal Points at the Principal Recipient level;
  • Acting as a “safe space” for in-person reporting of SEAH allegations and ensuring that the same exists across implementers;
  • Where available, joining and participating actively in any in-country PSEA networks[1];
  • Mapping and maintaining up-to-date referral pathways for victim/survivor support referrals;
  • Liaising on victim/survivor support needs with the Global Fund’s Victim Advocate and In-Country Support Coordinator, where appropriate;
  • Providing expertise on PSEAH to the CCM, including support and guidance to the CCM leadership;
  • Organizing an annual PSEAH training for CCM members, with the support of the in-country PSEA network and the Global Fund.

Qualification, Skills and Experience



  1. Qualifications


 Advanced degree in public health, ethics, law, public administration, business administration, or related field.

  1. Experience


  • Solid experience in building and developing partnerships in political environments and in mediating complex issues and deliverables at country, regional and international level.
  • Experience working in program planning and management, and/or equivalent experience.
  • Experience working in PSEAH or a related field, or in the prevention of/response to issues of misconduct.
  • Solid understanding and experience of strategic, organizational, and management issues.
  • Understanding of Global Fund processes and its funding model.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.


  • At least 5 years of professional experience (international or national) working in planning or management in the humanitarian sector or public health or disease program management.



Working level of English as well as knowledge of the local language (particularly the most common languages used) is a requirement for this role.

Technical skills:

  • Proficient in Microsoft Office applications, email, internet and websites.
  • Robust understanding of Governance and Ethics matters.
  • High degree of organization, initiative, political awareness and knowledge of public health issues.
  • Strong inter-personal skills and proven ability to communicate and interact diplomatically with high-level officials from the government, NGOs, UN agencies, the private sector and in-country PSEA network members.
  • Strong writing, presentation and communication skills.
  • Previous experience and/or background with government or private sector desirable.

Applications should be emailed to Kindly indicate the name of the position on the subject line of the email. Applicants who do not comply with the above-mentioned requirements, as well as applications received late or faxed will not be considered.

Closing date: Close of Business: 19 April 2024

Note that correspondence will only be conducted with the short-listed candidates. If you have not been contacted within two (2) months of the closing date of the advertisement, please consider your application as unsuccessful.

SANAC gives preference to South African candidates who meet the job requirement and who will add to the culture and gender diversity of the organization. Suitable candidates will be subjected to assessment(s) (if applicable) and personnel suitability check(s) (citizenship, credit record checks, security clearance, security vetting, qualification verification, and employment verification).

SANAC reserves the right at any time to withdraw or alter this advertised position.