Unsubstantiated Allegations Against the SANAC CEO

Apr 18, 2024 | News, Press Release

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Unsubstantiated Allegations Against the SANAC CEO

PRETORIA, 18 April 2024: The Board of Trustees of the South African National AIDS Council (SANAC) Trust have noted with concern a communication circulating on digital platforms such as WhatsApp and emails. The communication purports to make unsubstantiated allegations against the SANAC Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and other parties. The said communication has neither an established originator nor any accountable party thereof.

As the Chairperson of the South Africa Global Fund Country Coordinating Mechanism (SA GF CCM), the SANAC CEO is accountable to various structures within the Council, the highest being the SANAC Plenary. The CEO reports to the SANAC Board of Trustees and is fully responsible for the coordination of SANAC work in all its governance structures. For the Global Fund work, the CCM is a substructure of the SANAC Resource Mobilisation Committee (RMC). The CCM also works under the guidance and leadership of the Geneva-based Country Team which provides oversight on the work of the CCM in South Africa.

Any conduct by the CEO that is alleged to be improper may be formally reported to the GF Office of the Inspector General (OIG) whose mandate is to safeguard the assets, investments, reputation, and sustainability of the GF.

The Board therefore wishes to encourage any party that may be aggrieved by the conduct of the SANAC CEO, to submit a formal complaint to SANAC Board and/or the OIG for due processes to ensue. The Board will only respond and/or institute an investigation if a formal complaint is lodged/filed.

Submitting complaints or whistleblower reports:

  1. To the SANAC Board of Trustees:

Kindly submit your complaints/whistleblower reports to Ms. Phuthanang Motsielwa, who is an independent chairperson of the Audit and Risk Committee of the SANAC Trust Board. This will be reviewed and processed as guided by the Board’s processes.

Please submit to: phuthanangm@pstmco.co.za

  1. To the Global Fund (GF) Office of the Inspector General (OIG)

The OIG is an independent unit of the GF reporting directly to the Board of the GF through its Audit and Ethics Committee. There are two options to submit a report as follows:
(a) Visit www.ispeakoutnow.org and fill in an online form
(b) Email your report to hotline@theglobalfund.org

To note when making a submission to OIG:
Please make your complaint as specific as possible and include details such as:

  • The type of alleged wrongdoing you are reporting,
  • Where and when did these events occur?
  • Who are the people involved and who has knowledge about the matters you are reporting,
  • How the individual, organization or company committed the alleged wrongdoing?
  • Why do you believe the conduct should be investigated and why are you reporting the matter?
  • Include all documents and references to other sources that support the complaint.

Issued by:
Mr. Bonolo Ramokhele
Chairperson: SANAC Trust Board of Trustees