Executive Manager Strategic: Information, M&E, Research & Knowledge Management

Nov 5, 2020 | Vacancies Archive

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The South African National AIDS Council Trust (the SANAC Trust) leads South Africa’s response to the national HIV, TB & STIs epidemics. The Trust is building a dynamic team that can facilitate its effective leadership of the national response. We are, therefore recruiting an Executive Manager Strategic Information, M&E, Research & Knowledge Management for our organization. The position is based in Hatfield, Pretoria.



Name of Position             :               Executive Manager Strategic Information, M&E, Research &                  

                                                                Knowledge Management

Reporting to                       :              CEO

Location                               :               Pretoria

Job level                              :               E1

Duration                              :               3 years

Advert Date                     :             6 November 2020            


Purpose of the job

To drive SANAC’s reinforced and reinvigorated strategic information led-approach that is focused on fully understanding the programmatic progress at ground-level nationally and identifying programmatic gaps in order to strategically inform the country’s AIDS response. To develop and manage the organization’s information management processes with an emphasis on improving data flow efficiencies nationally. To lead the automation of data management through the development of the SANAC situation room that will critically redefine data collection, analytics, visualization and country-level reporting for the organization.  This includes collecting data from all implementing stakeholders, funders and partners who are involved in the HIV/TB/STI response, reporting on progress against targets, M&E and analysis that informs strategic decision-making.

To lead the development, implementation, monitoring and strengthening of the national M&E systems for the HIV, TB and STI’s response in South Africa in line with the national strategic plan

Key Responsibilities

Providing technical support to SANAC internal processes and strategies

  • Driving SANAC’s reinforced and reinvigorated strategic information led-approach which is focused on fully understanding programmatic progress at ground-level nationally and identifying programmatic gaps in order to strategically inform the country’s AIDS response
  • Guiding SANAC’s Strategic Information Technical Task Team
  • Leading the development of the SANAC strategic plan and annual performance plan (APP)
  • Monitoring the SANAC APP to ensure targets are met, documented and tracked accordingly
  • Developing logical frameworks for SANAC donor funding proposals as required
  • Developing and submitting the SANAC programmatic audit reports to the Auditor General

Data and Knowledge Management

  • Driving the development plan for SANAC Strategic Information
  • Providing evidence needed by SANAC to fulfill its strategic role in the country
  • Analysing data on the status and trends of the epidemic to quickly and efficiently assess the impact of past efforts and chart the way forward
  • Sharing strategic information with management and PCAs to enrich the aggregated picture at all levels
  • Managing, coordinating and influencing the prioritization , processing and technical aspects of data collection, compilation and analysis related to epidemiology response
  • Designing processes that seek synergies in the combination of data and information processing capacity
  • Ensuring the use of creative and innovative information technologies for organisational data management

Research and Reporting

  • Identifying opportunities for research based on current data collected
  • Promoting data usage for continuous quality improvement through feedback, training and capacity building activities
  • Creating a central repository for all SOP’s and implement a document and version control system
  • Leading, planning, coordinating and implementing the development of research protocols, studies, demonstration projects and formative assessments (clinical, operational and implementation based)
  • Identifying topics for operational research and oversee research projects, documents research findings and submits for Journal publication and presentation at local and international conferences
  • Overseeing the compilation and submission of reports on the progress and achievements as per due dates for programme specific and/or donor requirements
  • Ensuring finalized reports into a central database and prepare presentations
  • Coordinating the presentation of findings to the rest of the management team

Monitoring and Evaluation

  • Building and operationalizing a comprehensive M&E system for monitoring the NSP implementation during the NSP lifecycle
  • Driving surveillance surveys and mapping
  • Strengthening Monitoring and Evaluation systems
  • Planning and coordinating work with national level counterparts on advancing an evidence informed approach to national AIDS response
  • Designing new M&E activities and refining existing ones to meet changing organizations priorities as new funding and activities are added to the SANAC portfolio including but not limited to PEPFAR/CDC, Global Fund, and DOH
  • Responsible for the development of the data capture system, moving it from a paper based system to an electronic based system
  • Collecting, validating, analysing, interpreting, and summarizing data collected from the various programmes

Annual monitoring and evaluation report

  • Developing terms of reference for external consultants to present proposals
  • Appointing external consultants to develop a report against standard layout
  • Developing ideal report format
  • Monitoring progress of consultants and conduct interim reviews of the draft report
  • Obtaining input from relevant stakeholders on interim reports
  • Finalising reports and publish

Global AIDS response progress reporting (UNGASS)

  • Requesting, manipulating, collecting, collating and uploading online indicator data from national reports
  • Developing terms of reference for the qualitative component of the report
  • Recruiting and contracting with consultants to administer the qualitative questionnaire (NCPI) of the UNGASS report
  • Reviewing the draft report
  • Convening a validation workshop to reach a consensus on the contents of the South African UNGASS report
  • Facilitating the development of the final report and sign off by the CEO of SANAC and cabinet of South Africa

NSP Mid-Term Review

  • Developing the terms of reference and select external consultants to conduct the mid-term review
  • Following up on progress
  • Facilitating the develop the draft report
  • Convening mid-term review consensus workshop
  • Facilitating development of the final report
  • Facilitating the incorporation of the mid-term review recommendations into the 3rd year of NSP implementation
  • Updating NSP indicator matrixes based on the annual reports and mid-term evaluation outcomes

Update, make operational and publish the national M&E Framework

  • Developing a national reporting framework and reporting tools reflecting:
    • Provinces
    • Private sector
    • Business sector
    • Government departments
    • NGO’s
    • Donors
    • Civil Society sectors
  • Ensuring the development of the PCA’s annual M&E reports as a reflection of the NSP activities progress for the year
  • Providing scientific evidence to guide and enhance the country’s response to HIV, STI’s and TB
  • Facilitating and develop a national research agenda
  • Developing and implement an evaluation agenda for the NSP

Build capacity at Provincial Aids Councils

  • Ensuring Monitoring and Evaluation Officers are in place for 9 provinces
  • Conducting periodic assessment of the M&E capacity within the PAC’s and provide technical assistance according to needs
  • Conducting basic Monitoring and Evaluation Training for all provincial M&E Officers
  • Conducting training on development of M&E plans and data management systems to the M&E Officers and Provincial Aids Council Heads
  • Ensuring that all provinces have M&E plans completed and operational
  • Developing a mechanism for data management system (collection, collation, analysis, reporting and usage)
  • Providing support to donor coordination unit as required
  • Ensuring that the impact and outcome indicators sets are updated and provided to Principal recipients on an annual basis
  • Ensuring the Monitoring and Evaluation of special agreements on the Global Fund Agreement
  • Keeping abreast of all M&E updates and requirements within the donor world
  • Ensuring M&E participation on all M&E forums

Operational Support

  • Supervising and capacitating the provincial M&E officers, Senior Technical M&E Officer, and interns
  • Ensuring job descriptions and performance managements are in place for all direct reports
  • Facilitating advocacy for mainstreaming HIV and TB dimensions into the core mandates of Civil Society sectors by building M&E capacity of all sectors Assist sectors to develop plans aiming at monitoring member sector plans on HIV and TB activities
  • Ensuring comprehensive sector  M&E plans that include all sector member’s representation
  • Facilitating the development of the sector annual reports
  • Supporting the Programme Managers with the provincial officers specific reporting, targets, indicators, and other relevant tools
  • Supporting, mentoring and capacitating other THCA staff to develop a research portfolio in support of the following strategic activities (health system strengthening, HIV/TB/STI prevention, improved linkage/cascade into treatment care and support, and operations/implementation science). Provides technical assistance on study/research design and data analysis for THCA programmes

Continuous Quality Improvement and Leadership

  • Identifying opportunity for improvement
  • Working with all managers and to ensure implementation of agreed recommendations and processes
  • Ensuring all recommendations are documented and SOP’s updated
  • Managing all M&E related projects
  • Monitoring progress of NSP  and fulfil HIV & Aids international and local reporting requirements

Qualifications, Skills and Experience

  • Masters with either epidemiology, biostatistics and/or demography
  • A Doctorate Degree in the above will be an added advantage.
  • 7 to 10 years’ experience in the design, development and operational application of strategic information systems including monitoring, modeling and evaluation of AIDS programmes in low and middle income country settings. Demonstrated knowledge of and experience in the UN System.
  • Computer literacy (MS Office)
  • Attention to detail
  • Strategic thinking
  • Self-motivated
  • Able to work with diverse cultures and communities
  • Leadership
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills including report writing
  • Proven ability to communicate and interact with high-level officials from government agencies, NGO’s, international development organisations and the private sector
  • High degree of organisational skills, initiative and exceptional problem solving
  • Ability to maintain document archives

Applications should be emailed to hr@sanac.org.za. Kindly indicate the name of the position on the subject line of the email.

Should you be in possession of a foreign qualification, it must be accompanied by an evaluation certificate from the South African Qualification Authority (SAQA).

Applicants who do not comply with the above-mentioned requirements, as well as applications received late or faxed will not be considered.                                                                                                                            

Closing date: close of business, 26 November 2020