SANAC addresses recent debate around NSP and SANAC functionality

Jun 15, 2017 | Press Release

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DURBAN – 15 JUNE: The South African National AIDS Council (SANAC) welcomes the dialogue and robust debate that has been generated by the release of the National Strategic Plan (NSP) for HIV, TB and STIs 2017-2022. The National Strategic Plan is a key anchor in our shared commitment to ending HIV, TB and STIs and needs the full support of all sectors of South African society.

The Board of Trustees fully endorses the extensive process of consultation, led by the SANAC Secretariat that has resulted in the publication of the NSP. The NSP is an overarching guide for the country’s response to these infections and is an evidence-based, data-driven response with targeted interventions that prioritize those who are more vulnerable to HIV, TB and STI infection.

We have the critical ingredients for success, but the ambitious targets in  the NSP will only be realized with exceptional leadership, effective implementation at all levels and with the support of all South Africans.

In the context of getting all stakeholders to work towards a common set of goals as reflected in the NSP 2017-2022, we note with concern that a sector of civil society appears to have withdrawn their support for the NSP and have concerns about the functionality of SANAC, which they have been a significant part of. In this regard we wish to clarify a few issues.

The SANAC Board of Trustees takes these concerns seriously including the allegations of corruption and mismanagement. The Board is currently addressing these issues and will respond directly to the Treatment Action Campaign. However we wish to note that SANAC’s recent unqualified audit gives the Trustees confidence in the performance, management and administration of the Trust.

SANAC values continuous engagement and thoughtful feedback and hopes that it will provide the impetus to work towards the full implementation of the National Strategic Plan. The Board of Trustees urges all stakeholders to raise their concerns within SANAC structures and continue to play a meaningful role within SANAC to ensure that we meet our NDP obligation of a generation free of HIV by 2030.

For more information, please contact Kanya Ndaki, SANAC Communications Manager 0832986100