Terms of Reference for Consultant to provide Technical Assistance to design and develop a manual for the selection of Sub Recipients, and then to train and support the Global Fund Principal Recipients who will use the manual.

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Objective of the consultancy

The objective is to develop a SR selection manuals and supporting documentation, as well as train PRs on SR selection. The consultant will work closely with PRs to consolidate their individual policies on SR selection into a single guiding document, and train PRs on SRs selection. The incumbent will not play any role in the actual selection of SRs. The consultant will work under the following defined scope of work:

Scope of Work: The incumbent will have to develop a manual (and then train (PRs on its use) which covers SR Selection and should guide, support and train PRs on the following:

  • To have in place and utilize a SR selection process and procedures (for government and non-government entities).
  • To consult PRs & CCM in order to develop a manual on the selection of SRs
  • The training should be able to provide insight on the steps to take in SR selection
  • To train PRs on what factors to consider when selecting an SR
  • To develop and utilize TORs for SR selection panels
  • To develop and train PRs on effective systems for undertaking SR capacity assessments to ensure that any proposed SRs have the required capacities to implement the program activities
  • To have in place and utilize processes, plans and technical capacities to address priority capacity development activities of future SRs.
  • To have in place and utilize monitoring of the implementation of identified capacity development actions.
  • Develop SR selection manual plus documents: expression of interest (EOI), Application Form, Guidance documents, SR site visit form, evaluation tool and process for selection.


  • Up to 41 days – between 15 September 2015 and 31 March 2016.
  • It is expected that the consultant may need to subcontract various consultants to perform different sections of the work.

Lead consultant:


  • Appropriate postgraduate degree or appropriate level of experience with previous successes with similar projects.
  • Training as a Grant Management Systems technical assistance provider is an added advantage.


  • At least 5 years experience with Global Fund grants at various levels- supporting proposal development, PR assessment, PR work plan development and working with SRs.
  • Past experience in working on Training and Manual Development
  • Past experience in working with CCMs secretariat would be an added advantage.


  • Excellent English (written and oral) fluency required.
  • Excellent ability to train various organisations and manual writing skills
  • Programme Management skill
  • Good knowledge and understanding of the current SA Global Fund grant.
  • Good knowledge of HIV and TB programming in South Africa.
  • High degree of organizational skills, initiative and exceptional problem-solving abilities needed.
  • Ability to work in a deadline-oriented environment and manage multiple tasks efficiently.
  • Computer skills essential, including advanced Microsoft Excel.
  • Valid Code B Drivers’ license and ability and availability to travel to meet implementers.

Place of work:

The work can be done anywhere but will include visits to the various PRs in Gauteng, Western Cape, Kwa-Zulu Natal, and SRs around the country if needs be. The costs of travel (accommodation, airfare) will be covered by SANAC. The consultant will report to the Executive Manager: Donor Co-ordination.


Database Administrator / Health Informatics

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Administrator: CDC

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