What We Do

NSP Implementation & Support

This programme exists to:
Support national coordination for effective implementation of the NSP
Support the coordination and oversee the implementation of an HIV strategy for Adolescent and Young Women and Girls (AYWG)

  • Review, update and complete national strategies and plans to guide the HIV response to key populations
  • Build the capacity of provincial, district and local aids councils
  • Engage government, civil society sectors and development partners to align their resources and programmes to priorities as identified in the NSP
Resource Mobilisation & Donor Coordination

The purpose of this programme is to:
Mobilise, coordinate, influence and monitor and evaluate the use of resources for the implementation of the NSP

Stakeholder Management and Campaigns

The purpose of this programme is to co-ordinate and provide support to government and Civil Society to implement the NSP.  This is being done through:

  • Ensuring that the structures of SANAC are fully supported (Plenary, PRC, IMC and CSF, etc.)
  • Overseeing the co-ordination and implementation of the Stigma Reduction Programme
  • Coordinating national campaigns
Strategic Information

This programme exists to:

  • Source, provide and utilise strategic information to support the implementation of the NSP
  • Develop monitoring and evaluation plans for the NSP and raise awareness among stakeholders regarding the utilisation thereof
  • Coordinate the monitoring and evaluation of the implementation of the NSP, utilising among others, web-based approaches
  • Build the capacity of stakeholders to report on progress regarding the implementation of the NSP
  • Coordinate the development of a Research and Knowledge Management Agenda to support the implementation of the NSP and related plans
  • Support NSP-related surveys and research initiatives